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Mold "microbial growth" is a dangerous living fungi that could cause respiratory issues. Mold spores start off microscopic and cling on materials that allow the spores to germinate and develop. As it develops, mold spores begin to show. As the colors begin change, the mold becomes more dangerous. Black mold is the last color in the group. All of the colors are dangerous, but black is the worst.

We feel that in order to remove this fungi, an Industrial Hygienist (environmentalist) should be contacted. In hiring an Industrial Hygienist, you are getting a professional to acquire samples, whether it be tape samples, air samples, swab test or any combination of the three. These samples are sent to a independent lab for testing of the level of mold spores and the type of spores that have invaded your space.

The hygienist, will gather the data from the lab and set a protocol of what has to be done in order to remediate. Remediation contractors can take the scope of work set forth by the Hygienist to remediate the microbial growth. After the remediation has been completed by a qualified remediated contractor, the Hygienist will return to perform a clearance test. As a rule, it is best when hiring a Industrial Hygienist, that it is their only function. You should not hire a company that will do the testing and remediate the microbial growth. It is not in the best interest of the client.

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