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Stone, Concrete & Terrazzo Floors

  • High-performance, water based products
  • Typically a two coat system
  • High gloss
  • Can be applied to almost any resilient or non-resilient flooring surface
  • Horizontal surfaces only
  • Slip coefficient can be enhanced with additives to the coating
  • Can be honed and polished
  • Non-yellowing product
  • Can be easily removed with diamond pads

Natural stone like marble, granite, sandstone, and limestone are used in many buildings, both new and old. The inherent beauty of these stone surfaces adds elegance to any building, but also brings with them the issues of cleaning and maintenance. Poorly or unmaintained stone surfaces can make a building look old and worn before its time.

Our products will help bring back and protect the natural beauty of your stone. It eliminates the need for constant upkeep, while protecting against stains from oils, salts, acids and other contaminants. It will also enhance the natural color of your stone.

Our professionally trained staff will use a series of diamond pads to get floor surface ready for one of our products. Our products will hold its high gloss finish for an extended period of time while your staff need only mop with water and neutral cleaner. Some burnishing may be needed. SOme burnishing may be required.

This will save time and money while keeping your building's stone elegant. If wear does occur, all that is necessary is a simple recoat and your surface is good as new. Wearing will occur faster in heavily trafficked buildings. The recoat of these areas is still less time consuming and more cost effective than grinding and polishing.

Before & After

before after stone

before after stone floor

before after stone flooring

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