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Kitchens & Large Areas

  • High-performance protection
  • Can be applied to almost any resilient and non-resilient flooring surface
  • Non-yellowing product
  • Easy to remove with a 3M pad and water

Health and Safety Inspections has become increasingly stringent on both a local and state level. Keeping up with them has added to the already strained budgets of cafeteria and restaurant owners, as well as of buildings with large tile floor areas. Our product line of hard surface protection could be the solution to your increasing costs in custodial and safety expenses.

Our professionally trained staff can restore the look of your kitchen tile and grout. We can also add a non-slip aggregate where needed,to help prevent slip and fall incidents. Once our product is applied to your surfaces, your custodial staff can move to the use of "green" cleaning products because our coatings require less caustic cleaners. This will save time and money, and help the environment.

Our professionally trained staff will deep clean your tile and grout, and re-color the grout in your choice of colors wherever necessary to hide old stains and defects. They then apply to the floor in your choice of gloss, stain or matte finish. We can also include an aggregate for added traction control if you require it. Don't let the health department or safety officials levy steep fines against you or your business. We can help eliminate those headaches for you and return your floor to its original beauty.

Below you can see an example of before and after photos. You can see the tile and grout on the bottom is filthy. The grout has over 10 years of dirt, grease and floor finish built up in it. This area was cleaned and color grouted to restore the original look, then added a small amount of our anti-slip aggregate installed.

Before & After

before after commercial area

before after kitchen floor

before after commercial floor

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