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Commercial & Municipal VCT Flooring

  • Highly resistant to salt, urine, beta dyne, coffee, wine, cola, orange juice, disinfectants and cleaners of all types
  • Meets or exceeds slip coefficient guidelines
  • Slip coefficient can be enhanced with additives to the coating
  • Removable
  • Non-yellowing
  • Essentially odorless
  • High chemical and scratch resistant
  • Generally 1-5 years of use in commercial environments between recoats
  • VOCs less than 50 g/l

VCT Tile flooring is likely the most common flooring used in commercial offices, stores, schools and other commercial and municipal settings. When waxed and burnished, they have a beautiful look but limited protection. The problems with waxed VCT floors usually occur in the maintenance. Save time and money with SurfaceBond Systems AC line of services, instead of scheduled burnishing, stripping and re-waxing to keep your floors looking good. You will never have to burnish or strip your floors again.

Our SurfaceBond Systems AC Gloss service for VCT floors will give you a freshly waxed look every day. With a single coat application, by one of our professional trained staff, your VCT will have a beautiful gloss finish that is easily cleaned with either machine scrubbing, or simple mop and bucket with water and neutral cleaner. This not only keeps your VCT looking beautiful, but saves a great deal of time and money. In applications where safety is more of a concern than gloss, we can also include our SurfaceGrip aggregate to help reduce slip and fall issues among staff and customers alike.

Our professionally trained staff will strip your waxed floors, prep and dry them. Once dry, they will install the SurfaceBond Systems AC Gloss top coat. At that point, regular foot traffic is acceptable and only water cleaning is needed. After three days, the surface is at full cure and the use of a machine scrubber or mop and neutral cleaner is all that's needed. Save your staff time and your company or facility money and eliminate your wax, burnish and strip schedule altogether with SurfaceBond Systems AC Gloss for VCT Tile Floors.

Below is an example of a typical waxed VCT Floor at a state university before and after the SurfaceBond Systems AC Gloss application service. The floor was stripped, prepped and dried beforehand. Now this floor keeps a freshly waxed look without the waxing, burnishing or stripping.

Before & After

before after vct flooring coating

before after vct floor

before after vct flooring coating

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